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Photo Services

Click any of the images below to learn more about the services I offer.

The Old Fashioned

A more traditional, "artistic" styled shoot. I will bring several cameras, some vintage lenses, and some other fun gizmos, and we create some fun images for you to use however you need them. You'll get fewer photos, but they will be more tightly composed.

Perfect for: Dramatic headshots, dynamic family shoots, band photos, couples shoots, Senior portraits, anything that calls for a more deliberate, focused session to showcase the individuality of the subject.



The Roy Rogers

Similar to The Old Fashioned, but family- and children portrait focused. A light-hearted, loose, and fun shoot.

Perfect for: Newborn photography, children's photography, family Christmas and holiday cards, anyone looking for a fun, fast, family-focused shoot.



The Boilermaker

Fast-paced candids. I show up with three cameras, some faster lenses, hang out and snap photos of whatever you need. You'll get a lot more pictures to sort through. 

Perfect for: Corporate events, sporting events, band shows, birthday parties, retirement parties, any kind of party, really. When you know you will want to remember the moments, but you don't want to be stuck behind the camera the whole time.


The Sidecar

Lean and mean. A quick, 15-30 minute session with one camera. Fewer photos, but I will send them to you on the spot.

Perfect for: Simple headshots and family photos, people short on time or on a tighter

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