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So what's the process? What do I get when I hire Joel for photography?

Once you book your shoot with date, time, and location, I'll come and take your pictures. We'll take as many as we can in the allotted time, and when we're done, I will transfer all of the images to a thumb drive that you get to keep.

That means you get the photos instantly.

Why do you do it this way? Why aren't the photo portfolios cloud-based?

For a few reasons:

1. Hosting costs money, which means I'd have to charge more. My goal is to keep it affordable.

2. Many cloud-based photographers can only host your shoot for a limited time. This allows them to make room for more recent shoots. By giving you your photos on a drive, you have them indefinitely.

3. You shouldn't have to wait even a week for the memories you have paid to preserve. And you shouldn't wait in the worry that your photographer will drop the ball, take longer than you want, or even lose your photo session. You leave your photo shoot with photos in hand; you may print them, share them, post them, all to your heart's content. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then let's book you a shoot!! 

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