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With so many photographers out there, why should you hire me?

I do photography to give anyone access to simple, affordable, straightforward photo shoots.


Rather than using photo editing software, I use hand on tools, vintage lenses, and in-camera knowledge to create dynamic images that tell your story.When the shoot is done, I transfer the images to a USB drive and hand them over to you.


I don't edit at all, so what you get is what you get, but what you get will be a truly unique set of photos with no watermarks that you can use anywhere. All I ask is permission to use them on my social media and marketing.

Since I don't edit and my turnaround time is instant, my prices don't have to include time spent on editing and subscribing to online editing platforms.


I take the pictures, you get the pictures. Simple as that.

I offer four basic types of photo shoots:


The Old Fashioned, The Boilermaker, The Roy Rogers, and The Sidecar. You can read about them in detail here.

A few exceptions...

At the moment, I don't do wedding shoots. The demands of a full-blown wedding shoot do not suit the style and methods that I employ in a photo session. This may change in the future, but for now, that's the way it is. 

Currently, I do not have studio space, so all shoots are on-location. There are places that rent studio space out, so if that is something that you need, let me know and we can try to pin one of those down.

I reserve the right to refuse or refer you elsewhere. Modeling shoots or one-on-one shoots that go beyond simple headshots are outside my purview. 

My time is valuable, and so is yours. I'll be on time, I ask that you be.

That's it, I think.

You can check out my portfolio here or on Instagram: @joeldoingphotography

Questions? Ready to book a shoot? Send me an email or go to my contact page. I can't wait to hear from you!!

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